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She mentioned that Robin didn’t talk about the latest Phoenix EC so you can the woman

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She mentioned that Robin didn’t talk about the latest Phoenix EC so you can the woman

Very first, Gary conveyed concern about removing the newest declaration hooking up Khattab to Bin Filled

Susan informed new OIG you to definitely she expected Martin and you will Robin whether or not this new FBI got people suggestions showing some one is actually giving individuals the usa to possess airline knowledge, but one she is actually advised no. Martin told the new OIG which he didn’t recall any such matter out-of Susan. Robin also advised brand new OIG one to Susan never ever elevated the newest issue of whether Middle Easterners was basically trained in U.S. trip colleges.

We requested Susan whether she had check out the Phoenix EC given that September eleven and you can in the event it would have generated an improvement to help you the girl thoughts towards Moussaoui FISA demand. Susan asserted that she basic have a look at Phoenix EC months after September eleven. She said that in the event that she had browse the Phoenix EC at the time, she would was basically alarmed sufficient regarding Moussaoui to carry brand new amount so you can an enthusiastic OIPR attorney’s attract. Centered on Susan, she sometimes entitled OIPR lawyer “so you’re able to bounce things away from” them, rather than giving more than a proper FISA consult, and you may would inquire further “in which do you really believe we are?” Susan extra that Moussaoui circumstances nevertheless would have had “a comparable overseas electricity circumstances” but the Phoenix EC might have “influenced” this lady.

Yet not, she asserted that in the event that she got read it before the conference having Martin and Robin, it can n’t have changed her thoughts about the Moussaoui FISA consult

Susan as well as told the newest OIG one to she was not aware in the course of the woman ending up in Martin and you will Robin one to the new Minneapolis FBI got prepared an extended EC in regards to the Moussaoui instance. She stated that she thought that the truth “was changing” since she spoke in order to Martin and you may Robin and therefore she performed perhaps not know that paperwork was actually prepared. She said she considered that Martin had been administered oral briefings regarding Minneapolis. She asserted that she very first turned conscious of Henry’s EC inside the . She said she remembered convinced that Martin had illustrated the important points once the established in the EC. Susan reported that she most likely received a dental briefing due to the fact Minneapolis was trying an urgent situation FISA and you can requisite a reply quickly. She said that there was nothing unusual on the searching an oral briefing because state. Susan told new OIG one to she didn’t learn in the day one Martin got already consulted with Howard and you will Tim in the an identical case.

Adopting the appointment having Susan for the August twenty-seven, Don instructed Martin to obtain the number assessed once more because of the lead regarding NSLU, Surge Bowman, from the number of question increased because of the Minneapolis FBI on the Moussaoui as well as the FISA demand. Martin put up having an ending up in Bowman next day, August 28.

Prior to the meeting with Bowman, Martin first started examining and you can editing the Minneapolis FBI’s six-page LHM, in the event the FISA request are approved by Bowman. Martin e-mailed a modified write of your LHM so you’re able to Gary and mentioned which he had made some refinements and you may wished comments away from Minneapolis. Martin listed he got removed the new part showing that a beneficial CIA staff had stated that Khattab is actually an associate regarding Container Filled, however, you to definitely Martin do “add the international stamina facts re Al-Khattab/UBL later on, when we get an enthusiastic [attorney] to buy so it dispute.”

Gary answered having an extended elizabeth-send means forward his concerns about Martin’s edits. Gary authored, “Seemingly we’re form it upwards to possess failure in the event the we don’t have the international fuel partnership solidly mainly based on the very first review.” Gary including increased questions about next made by Martin:

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